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SC-6900 Handheld Barcode Scanner

Seismic Level Fall Protection Handheld Barcode Scanner | Scscan
0.10 - 0.825mm reading precision laser handheld barcode reader
usb handleheld barcode scanner
seismic level Fall protection handheld wireline handheld computer scanner
multi directional regulation rid handheld barcode scanner
manual and continuous scan 2d handheld barcod scanner
noisy environment reading code Scanner
All standard 1D codes data collector handheld reader
double color LED incomplete fuzzy code reader



Light source type

650nm visible laser

Method of use

Handheld or stents installation

Bit Error Rat

1 / 3 million

Barcode type

All stansard 1D codes

Scan trigger mode

Manual and continuous scan

Reading speed

200 times / second

Reading precision

0.10 - 0.825mm

Depth of field

10-450mm (pcs0.9, density0.25)


Multidirectional regulation


Product Overview

AC6900 is the appearance of an industrial product in accordance with the requirements to design, enhance the understanding of reading code, incomplete fuzzy code at the same time, more seismic fall protection, effectively extending the service life of the reader in the harsh environment, double color LED can accurately read the code in a noisy environment, applicable to many fields of industry the manufacturing process management, etc..

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