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2D Image Embedded Module Helps Make Life Smart

  • source:Shangchen
  • Date:08/26/2020

With the rapid development of modernization, embedded modules have become very important. The 2D image embedded module has the functions of barcode reading and identifying. Through the full application and integration of new technologies, it optimizes the industrial form and makes life smart and convenient. The 2D image embedded module can mainly read one-dimensional, two-dimensional barcodes and barcode information on mobile phone’s screen.  What’s more,with independent design, convenient assembly, easy maintenance, good scalability, the 2D image module not only improves work efficiency, but also ensure meet customer needs to the maximum.


the 2d image embedded module helps intelligent traffic

Technology changes lives. When we through the access doors, we just need to show and shake the barcodes on the phone or on the paper to the “scanning window”, which helps quickly identify the passage. By installing the 2D image embedded module on the gate/access control device to realize linkage and rely on the module's own inductive identification, so as to verify the barcode identity information, and realize the "smart" passage. Similarly, the scope of application of the two-dimensional embedded module also includes smart upgrades such as ticket gates, subway gates, access control terminals, and campus gates.

The 2d image embedded module helps smart payments

With the advancement of science and technology, new waves and opportunities have been brought to us. The rise of smart retail and the coverage of unmanned supermarkets will inevitably be inseparable from payment. The 2d image embedded module is embedded inside the self-service equipment terminal, which can not only perform self-service scanning of commodity barcodes, but also the payment function of Alipay/WeChat scan code, adding energy to smart retail and smart life.

The 2d image embedded module helps smart solutions

The independent design, simple assembly and good expansibility of the 2d image embedded module can be used as the "eyes" for information collection and identification, thus it can be used in the field of multiple industries. For example, PDA products, smart POS machines, electronic cash register scales, medical devices, blood analyzers, etc. require "barcode recognition" smart solutions.


The application of the 2d image embedded module covers a wide range, and it can be embedded in the logistics express cabinet, thereby achieving fast delivery and intelligent pickup; it can also be embedded in the queuing and calling equipment, so as to save resources and handle smartly. Through full application and integration of science and technology, the 2d image embedded module optimizes the industrial form, which brings greater upgrade space to major industries. At the same time, it also brings better smart experience to customers.