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Application of Barcode Scanner in Expressway Toll Stations

  • source:shangchen
  • Date:03/11/2019
With the popularity of quick payment, expressways under Guangdong Transportation Group has updated to non-inductive payment (code payment + license plate payment). Up to now, Guangdong Province has opened about 2200 lanes of non-inductive payment (scanning code payment + license plate payment) in the large-flow toll stations, the entrance and exit stations  of some important cities and provincial toll stations in the Pearl River Delta region, basically achieving full coverage in all toll stations of the province.
At present, most of the non-inductive payment lanes in Guangdong province are compatible with both the scanning code payment and the license plate payment. Scanning code like wireless laser barcode scanner payment means that after the vehicle drives to the payment lane, the user selects Yuetongbao, WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay or other applications on the mobile phone, and aims the payment QR code at the smart terminal for toll stations(or through the handheld device) to complete payment.
Before the reformation of the expressway toll station, each owner must first stop the vehicle and pay the cash to the toll station staff. Some have to wait for the change, and then restart the car. Sometimes the owner does not have any change, the time spent waiting will be longer, and the toll station will be congested. 
Fortunately, most of the toll stations now support payment through scanning code on Alipay or WeChat after the reformation. The staff of toll stations only need to use the scanner to scan the payment code on the owner's mobile phone or the owner pay through aiming the payment code at the smart terminal for toll stations. The application of non-inductive payment not only saves time for cash payment, banknote verification and change but also greatly reduces the risk of carrying large amounts of cash.