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Application of Bar Code Scanner in Industrial Automation Control

  • source:Shangchen
  • Date:01/07/2019
In general, barcodes contain data items with specific meanings, such as unique codes for products, production batches, product categories, and so on. Cheap barcode scanners are used to capture and read these data to track and validate individual components in the supply chain. In production, these data can be used for automated operations, quality control, saving time, money and manpower.
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The solution of Bar Code Scanner for Manufacturing Enterprises

In the manufacturing environment, the barcode scanner can collect data quickly and accurately, which is essential for the efficient and rapid operation of the production line. The stable and reliable online bar code scanner can not only capture data but also drive the activities in factory operation. Barcodes and QR codes have become an integral part of most manufacturing companies.

The Application of Bar Code Technology

Bar code technology can assist some key applications, such as quality control, on-line monitoring (WIP), classification and batch tracking.
The general application of barcode technology is to prevent errors or to correct the errors in a step of the process. For example, many packaging systems use barcode technology to ensure that the items match the packing boxes before packing.

The Brief Introduction of Bar Code Scanner

Barcode scanner, also known as bar code reader and barcode scanner, is a device for reading the information contained in the bar code and uses the optical principle to decode the content of the barcode and transmit it to the computer or other devices through the data line or wirelessly. It is widely used in supermarkets, logistics express, library and other bar codes for scanning goods and documents.
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