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The Application of Barcode Scanner in Retail Industry

  • source:shangchen
  • Date:01/14/2019
Barcode scanner (Scanning Register)is a reading device from barcode scanner companies for reading the information contained in the barcode, and uses the optical principle to decode the content of the barcode and transmit it to the computer or other devices through the data line or wirelessly. Since its birth, barcode recognition has become one of the most common information management methods in modern society because of its flexibility, efficiency, reliability and low cost of information collection. As the front-end equipment of information acquisition, barcode reading equipment is the premise and foundation of the application of barcode technology. With the continuous development of barcode technology, it has become an indispensable basic equipment in the construction of information system, such as commodity retailing, logistics warehousing, product traceability, industrial manufacturing, medical health, electronic commerce and transportation system.
barcode reading equipment

Application scenario 1: self-service cash register + bar code scanner, a new experience of smart cash register

“Internet + new retail” is coming, and the traditional retail industry has reached the threshold of transformation. Previously, self-service cash registers commonly found in foreign supermarkets have gradually appeared in various domestic supermarkets. A self-service cash register is gradually becoming an important trend in China's retail supermarket field.
Compared with traditional cash register equipment, self-service cash register embedded 2D code scanner, which integrates barcode scanning and data transmission performance, has good performance for 1D/2D bar code of goods and 1D/2D payment code of APP.

Application scenario 2: scanning code to order and self-checkout

With the advent of the mobile payment era, consumers can now order food by scanning code. The restaurant builds smart catering through network upgrades. Simply click on the 2D code on the ordering machine or follow the restaurant WeChat public number to achieve smart ordering. Not only that, after the meal, you can self-checkout on the ordering machine by scanning code, and directly open and scan the mobile phone WeChat or Alipay payment code on the scanning window of the ordering machine to print the consumption ticket. It is understood that the barcode scanner is embedded under the scanner window, which integrates data transmission, data acquisition and scanner payment functions into one. Combining with the smart ordering system, it realizes ordering and payment by scanning code. The whole ordering process is efficient and fast. 

Application scenario 3: retail store sales site

The sales site is the place where the market supervisors of retail stores need to arrive every day. However, due to a large number of stores, the furnishings, the complicated location of the piles, and complicated scenes such as special sales and ordering sites, if you hold a laptop and a mobile phone, the efficiency of scanning guns will be greatly reduced. With a bar code data collector, workers can do a job better, and managers can ensure that the entire store runs smoothly, creating the best experience for every customer who enters the store. Specifically, it can help simplify task management, effective merchandising planning, on-demand training, and mobile inventory management.
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