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Barcode Scanner in Supermarkets is Chosen Like This!

  • source:shangchen
  • Date:09/03/2019

Nowadays, the market competition is very fierce. Businessmen pay more attention to the customer experience while selling products in order to enhance customer satisfaction to improve market competitiveness. From hardware settings to preferential activities, designed to be considered by customers. In terms of cashiering, not only does it require a better attitude of cashier, but the scanner used to collect cash is also very important. Which model of scanner is usually chosen?

Which model of scanner is usually chosen for cashiering?

barcode scanner

1.Decoding rate: Most consumer customers are in a hurry. Scanners with fast scanning speed will improve customer experience. After all, no one likes the troublesome way of checking out.

2.Earthquake-proof and fall-proof ability: In a busy and small place where the work is busy, the scanners will inevitably drop to the ground. Therefore, a scanner that resists falling and shock is very important.

3. Supporting scanning of electronic screens or not: As electronic payment methods become more and more popular, mobile payment is a preferred payment method for consumers. You can pay with payment QR code anytime and anywhere. Whether the scanner supports scanning of electronic screens is very important.


As a professional barcode scanner manufacturer, Shangchen adopts a new core decoding technology to further optimize the decoding architecture and greatly improve the scanners’ performance. The appearance of the scanning gun is made of special ABS material. The outside of the scanner is also equipped with a thick rubber sleeve, which ensures the durability of the product in all directions. It can be widely and flexibly used in the retail cash register, mobile payment, office automation and other fields.