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Barcode Scanner Making Retail and Logistics Industry More Effective

  • source:shangchen
  • Date:08/20/2019

As the upgrade of China's consumption, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. As a barcode scanner manufacturer, Shangchen keeps up with the pace of the times and has introduced the new barcode scanner with efficient and stable data transmission and multi-mode scenario application, which can effectively help practitioners in various industries to effectively control costs and improve efficiency for fast-growing orders.


Bar code scanner with efficient and stable data transmission improves efficiency.

Shangchen has two transmission mode: wireless transmission and wired transmission. In the wireless transmission mode, the maximum transmission distance can be up to 200 meters, which ensures the efficient transmission of data. Built-in large-capacity storage ensures order processing efficiency even in the absence of a network. With a mini USB receiver, the wireless scanner can help the scanner connect to all kinds of computer equipment, saving equipment costs for the enterprise.

In the wired transmission modes, the scanner can be fully compatible with the major systems, so as to achieve efficient and stable data transmission without software installation. At the same time, the fast decoding speed can give the user a better experience. Consumers and businesses can benefit from high efficiency.


The business scenarios of e-commerce and logistics industry are diverse, and the tools used need to be frequently transformed between different modes. With diverse operation modes, Shangchen's scanner can switch by different setting codes. In normal mode, the data scanned by the scanner will be transmitted directly to the computer; Inventory mode is more suitable for long-distance scanning, data stored in the scanner gun; it can automatically save the scanned data when the connection is interrupted, and then upload it to the computer by scanning specific barcode, fully ensuring the integrity and continuity of order data processing.

With the upgrade of China's consumption pattern, logistics, warehousing and other industries have entered the stage of improving efficiency as the core. Relying on innovation and technology to improve efficiency has become the key to success. As one of the best barcode scanner manufacturer in China, Shangchen Electronics will provide more powerful technology support for the upgrade of China's e-commerce and logistics companies with the advantages of efficient data transmission, multi-mode scenario application and long usage time.