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Barcode Scanners Promoting the Development of E-Commerce Enterprises

  • source:Shangchen
  • Date:01/02/2019
The rapid development of e-commerce enterprises is constantly recognized by more and more people. The emergence of group buying websites and Tencent's e-commerce empire are sending signals to the world that the era of e-commerce is really coming, and it also promotes the development of bar code devices such as wireless handheld barcode scanner. In the field of e-commerce, there are a lot of risks. The challenges are evident for traditional enterprises to involve in e-commerce. 
1d wireless barcode scanner
Taking Jingdong Mall as an example, the number of orders to be processed every day is more than 10,000. In the case of 10,000 orders, the number of orders to be processed per hour is 417. Imagine what it would be like if these orders were handled manually: Paper orders fly all over the sky, and the picking staff pushes carts endlessly in the warehouse busy like flies. The customer does not know when he will see the real thing after placing the order. Thus it can be seen that the establishment of information technology is indispensable, and the simple information system based on process will not meet the requirements of e-commerce enterprises.
Customers place orders on their favorite products through the e-commerce portal. Every 5 minutes, the back-end business system extracts the order data from the front-end trading system, and then begins the process of the entire document. The invention of barcode technology has profound implications for the entire trade, logistics, and warehousing industries. Operators only need to scan the barcode label on the commodity with a barcode scanner, and then information about the name, number, location and process of the commodity will be displayed in the system, which improves the response speed of the order and the accuracy of the execution of the order. The invention of barcode technology in the circulation industry is comparable to the invention of the container in the logistics industry. The standardization of an industry tool brings subversive development to this industry.
The wide application of barcodes provides good conditions for the informatization of e-commerce. At present, major e-commerce companies have fully understood the importance of management and informatization.