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Embedded Barcode Module

As one of the barcode machine manufacturers, Shangchen is an electronics technology company which is committed to providing the best technical service to customers. With the rapid development of modernization, embedded barcode modules including omni barcode scanner have become particularly important. As a new thing in the era of automatic and intelligent, the unmanned self-help module optimizes the industrial form through the full application and integration of new technologies, making life more intelligent and faster. The embedded module has a built-in barcode scanning module, and the module is designed independently, easy to assemble and easy to maintain. Read 1D, 2D barcode and mobile phone screen barcode information. The application of it is simple in operation, stable in performance and good in expandability, which not only improves the work efficiency but also ensures the customer's satisfaction.

Shangchen Electronics Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of R & D, design and production of barcode scanning equipment, whose products have the characteristics of strong decoding ability, high precision, fast speed, good compatibility and so on. They are widely used in retail, supermarket, tobacco, logistics, warehousing, medical treatment, clothing and other fields. Omni barcode scanner is a product with high performance-to-price ratio, today let's get to know what area can an omni barcode scanner be used in and how does it function in each area.
First of all, the logistics industry.
The logistics industry is a very important application of the barcode technology. The barcode management can be fully realized in the aspects of material storage, sorting, delivery, inventory and transportation. In general, in addition to the automatic management of the barcode of the export commodities, the military should start to develop the special cash register and the mall comprehensive management system suitable for China, and gradually promote it through the high-level market test. The pos system consists of several subsystems. The cash register is a combination of a personal computer and a decoder. It can automatically identify bar-shaped symbols, process data, and print shopping lists. Its content includes product name, price, quantity, total amount and date, etc., and the customer can use it as a shopping receipt. The computer in the system is used to fully process the data. To this end, the database and application software should be established in advance. This is beneficial to the comprehensive analysis of the sales of the goods according to the daily report of each terminal, and provide the market dynamics in a timely manner and, on the basis of this, determine the order plan and ensure the normal operation of the business activities.
Second of all, the transportation industry.
The International Transportation Association stipulates that barcodes must be affixed to the packaging of goods in order to automatically manage the goods transported. In addition, the automatic ticketing and checking system of railway and expressway tickets, the automation of highway ticketing stations, and the role of barcode in freight warehouse and freight logistics information system have been used as timely, accurate, reliable and economical data input methods. The logistics information system is adopted. It has been widely used in industrialized countries and has become a commodity-specific universal identity card. Barcode technology has been widely used in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries, and is achieving automatic management around the world.
Third of all, clothing industry.
Due to the popularity of barcode, shoes and other fashion industries bid farewell to manual ordering methods. Hand-held scanning guns have been widely used. Customers can scan barcodes by scanning guns to read the color, number and size of items, and can be ordered by scanning guns. Data can be transferred to the back-end server via WIFI, which greatly provides the efficiency of order meetings. See, this is what an omni barcode scanner can do for you, how convenient it is.
In fact, there are many industries which use barcode scanners, as long as there are barcodes, they will basically be used, but the important point is to choose different types of barcode scanners according to different industries. All in all, an omni barcode scanner will never disappoint you.