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We provide customers with various kinds of quality scanners including handheld barcode scanner and wireless laser barcode scanner with high-quality services.


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SC-7150 Fixed Barcode Scanner

Fixed Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner SC-7150 For Sale |
quick checkout wall hanging installation  barcode scanner
1D standard GS1 dataBar barcodes scanner
power-efficiency pad barcode scanner
decode broken or damaged barcodes scanner
multiple interfaces pda barcode reader

Product Features

It is a high performance omnidirectional multi-line laser scanner designed for quick checkout at the counter. It has superior performance, reliability, and durability which significantly increasing the overall performance and value of enterprise solutions.

◆ High speed
◆ Accurate decoding
◆ Easy to operate
◆ Multi-line scanning

Cost Effective

Automatic reads all common 1D standard barcodes, including GS1 DataBar
24 scanning lines in 6 scanning areas, providing 2,000 scanning speeds per second
Automatic sleep and wake-up modes to achieve power-efficiency and improve product life
Support multiple interfaces
Support wall hanging installation
Exclusively developed STAR decoding technology to decode broken or damaged barcodes

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