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SC-7190 Fixed Barcode Scanner

Barcode Reader Supplier Wholesales Desktop 1D Barcode Scanner
5VDC wall mount barcode reader
CCD fixed mount barcode scanner
logistics bluetooth barcode scanner
datalogic fixed mount rfid reader
GS1 databar qr code  scanner
desktop panel mount barcode scanner

Barcode reader supplier - Shangchen wholesales desktop barcode scanner. Our SC-7190 fixed barcode scanner is 1D barcode scanner as desktop barcode scanner. High decoding & multi-line scanning abilities make it perfect for retail industry. 



Light Source

650nm ±10nm visible laser diode

Scan Depth of Field

up to 230mm @ 13mil






Input 5VDC Current max 340mA

Product Description

SC-7190 is one of our omnidirectional scanners with compact size and excellent design, which could read the barcode in any direction and suitable for conditions that requires high decoding ability and performance. Its durability makes it ideal for any retail systems environment.


1. 6 directions scan field with 24 scan lines and 2000 scans per second
2. Reading all 1D standard barcodes, includes GS1Databar
3. Its high decoding ability makes it easy for reading of damaged and substandard barcodes
4. Automatic sleep and wake-up mode which saves power and improve the life time
5. Compact size which is customers’ best choice for OEM project

Product Features

It is a high performance omnidirectional multi-line laser scanner designed for quick checkout at the counter. It has superior performance, reliability, and durability which significantly increasing the overall performance and value of enterprise solutions.

◆ High speed
◆ Accurate decoding
◆ Easy to operate
◆ Multi-line scanning

Cost Effective

Automatic reads all common 1D standard barcodes, including GS1 DataBar
24 scanning lines in 6 scanning areas, providing 2,000 scanning speeds per second
Automatic sleep and wake-up modes to achieve power-efficiency and improve product life
Support multiple interfaces
Support wall hanging installation
Exclusively developed STAR decoding technology to decode broken or damaged barcodes

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