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Handheld Barcode Scanner

Shangchen is one of the handheld barcode scanner manufacturers, which supplies handheld barcode scanners.These come in two different types of dimensions, which are 2D and 1D barcode scanners. In the information age, the application of commodity barcodes is more and more extensive, and commodity barcodes are available on commodities sold in shopping malls, supermarkets, and convenience stores. The handheld portable scanner is a widely used bar code reading device. The handheld barcode reader can quickly and efficiently decode the product information, and automatically checkout by the scanning function of the handheld barcode device, which not only shortens the time for the consumer to wait in line but also eliminates the concern about the accuracy of manual checking due to the reliability of the barcode. It greatly improves our shopping environment, facilitates the own management and greatly improves work efficiency.

Handheld 2D barcode scanner has the comprehensive and fast reading ability, combined with flash-free white light lighting and clear and accurate cross laser system, which quickly improves the efficiency of operation. Its structure is rugged and durable, can withstand repeated falls from high to ground, and has an IP42 protection level, which is very suitable for production traceability management in a related industry. As you know, it is impossible for a product always functions as well as it starts to be. But most of the barcode scanner companies including Shangchen Electronics Co., Ltd want to provide their customers with an ideal barcode scanner, of course, a considerable after-sale service plays a very important role for this. Today, as one of the trustable 2d barcode scanner suppliers in China, we would like to equip you with some professional methods to deal with the situation when a 2D barcode scanner cannot scan.
Barcodes are graphical identifiers that express a set of information by arranging multiple black bars and blanks with varying widths according to certain coding rules. Common barcodes are parallel lines lined with black and white bars with very different reflectivity. If a 2D barcode scanner cannot scan, in addition to the cause of scanner failure, you should also consider whether there is a problem with the barcode. First of all, it is necessary to analyze whether the barcode quality reaches the standard grade, of course, you cannot buy a professional barcode detector to detect, ordinary users can use the eyes to identify the quality, so you can check whether the printed black bar is clear. If there are some white spots on the black bar, it can be determined that the quality of the barcode is not very good, but the scanning gun with good performance can still be read out. If the black bar is not complete to indicate that the barcode has been completely unreadable, it is recommended to detect the printing of the barcode equipment. Secondly, check whether the printed barcode is complete and whether the printed barcode exceeds the boundary of the label. According to the principle of 2D barcode scanning gun, the barcode must be complete from left to right. Every black and white bar has its representative meaning, for incomplete barcode, even the high-end scanning gun is unable to scan. Thirdly, check what code is printed, that is, the type of barcode, usually the common code system is code 128, code 39, code 93, EAN 13, etc. If the code system you print is not in this range, then you must turn on the scanning function of other code systems of barcode scanning gun. Fourthly, check whether the barcode scanning gun is in good condition. The method is very simple: we usually have some barcodes of goods around us, for example, beverage bottles, books, food packaging, these barcodes are printed, and its quality is very good, if the barcode scanning gun cannot scan out these barcodes, indicating that the barcode scanning gun has a fault. The last but not the least, check whether the contents of the bar code print are tight. Due to the limitation of barcode label width, some barcode contents are too long, so the proportion must be reduced in order to print out completely. Barcode scanning gun is divided into ordinary scanning gun and high precision barcode scanning gun. If the scanning gun is not high precision, it is almost impossible to scan the barcode with high density. This is the problem that the selected scanning gun does not match the printed content of the barcode. The method of detecting matching mismatch is very simple, you can firstly print the data content of the barcode label for testing.
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