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SC-7130-2D Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner

5 Reasons You Need This Omni Barcode Scanner For Ur Shop |
1D&2D decode capabilities barcode reader
CCD barcode scanner module
qr barcode reading platform
USB-UART warehouse barcode scanner
2D image barcode scanner
omni wire barcode scanner

Product Overview

It is a high-performance 2D image scanning platform which is better in 1D&2D decode capabilities, and screen barcodes scanning supported. Excellent performance, reliability and durability and high precisionrefresh the overall performance and value of the barcode reading platform solution.

◆ High speed
◆ accurate decoding
◆ Easy to operate
◆ screen barcode reading
◆ Supports 1D and 2D

SC-7130-2D 2D image scanning platform is the latest item developed by Guangzhou Shangchen Electronics Co.,Ltd. It integrates the lens and decoding in one, can control the brightness of the supplementary light and support two kinds of auto-sensing of object sense and light sense. Also it has rich interface for a variety of communication interfaces.

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