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How to choose barcode scanner correctly

  • source:shangchen
  • Date:06/29/2020

With the convenience that technology has brought to payment in recent years, barcode scanners have been applied in every walk of life.In different industries, the specific scanner equipment needs are different. Generally speaking, we should choose the scanner that is suitable for different industries according to the industry usage habits, actual needs and economic conditions.

Barcode scanners are divided into red light scanners, laser scanners, and image scanners according to performance; handheld scanners and desktop platform scanners according to handheld methods; and one-dimensional scanners and two-dimensional scanners according to decoding capabilities of the device.


How to choose barcode scanners in industrial manufacturing

The industrial environment is special, and generally has high requirements for the resolution and reading rate of the barcode scanner. It requires a higher level of dustproof, waterproof, splash-proof and anti-drop functions. In a larger range of temperature can work normally is required, as well.

How to choose barcode scanners in retailing

When buying barcode scanners, users in the retail industry are more interested in the quality,the sensitivity of reading, and the price-performance ratio. In addition, they will also pay attention to whether the barcode scanner has the ability to scan damaged or stained barcodes. And they will choose to scan paper barcodes or screen payment codes according to actual needs. thereby saving a lot of time to create the best shopping experience for customer.


How to choose barcode scanner in logistics industry

The purchase of barcode scanners in the logistics industry needs to be more portable and durable. Fast and accurate decoding, long-time standby, strong anti-interference ability, can bring more efficient work efficiency for the logistics industry staff.

The Selection of barcode scanner in medical industry

The purchase of barcode scanners in the medical industry requires consideration of the scanner's lightness and portability, It also has high requirements for product materials which specially should be strong in corrosion resistance to resist the erosion of cleaning agents and other chemical agents.

The above is a brief introduction to the choice of barcode scanners in various industries, hoping to help you.