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How to use barcode scanner correctly?

  • source:shangchen
  • Date:06/13/2020

Nowadays, all walks of life are inseparable from the application of barcodes. For the novice friends from all walks of life, when using the barcode scanner for the first time, they will surely entangle how to use it, whether it has been installed correctly, and so on.


How to use the barcode scanner correctly?

1. First make sure that the scanner, data cable, data receiving host, and power supply are properly connected and turned on.

2. Second press and hold the trigger button, the light is activated, and the red illumination area and the red focus line appear.

3. Then aim the red focus line at the center of barcode, move the scanner and adjust its distance from the barcode to find the best reading distance.

4. Finally, when the sound is successfully prompted and the red light is extinguished, it shows the code is read successfully. The scanner transmits the decoded data to the host computer.


Installation Method of Barcode Scanner

1. Inserting the data cable: connect the crystal head of the data cable to the bottom interface of the scanner gun. Note: If you can pull it out directly after insertion, it means that it is not inserted properly, because it can not be pulled out directly after insertion.

2. Connecting to the computer: The current scanner interface is mostly a common USB interface. When connecting the computer, insert the scanner data cable into the corresponding interface of the computer, and afetr the computer automatically installs the driver, it can be used.

3. Pulling out the data cable: insert a small pin into the thread take-up hole, press it slightly and then pull out the data cable.


Cautions for Use of Barcode Scanner

1. The scanner cannot scan barcode at 90°, and the barcode cannot be read normally at 90°. The scan line must aim at and cover the barcode.

2. Do not scan the setting barcode on the user manual randomly, otherwise the scanner may not be able to scan normally.

3. In the process of reading, for the barcode of the same batch, you will find that the distance between the scanner and the barcode where the reading success rate will be very high. This distance is the best reading distance.


What’s more, there are some simple troubleshooting methods in daily use.

If the barcode scanner does not work properly, please check the following:

1. Check if the data cable is properly connected to the host, including whether the data cable is solid and whether the original data cable is used.

2. Check whether the quality of barcode labels is good or not. The barcode scanner may not be able to scan damaged and wrinkled labels.

3. Check whether the enable barcode type is open or not. If it is not opened, please scan the enable according barcode type first. If the scanner is still unusable, please contact your supplier.


The above is our summary about the use, installation method and cautions of the barcode scanner! You will have a better understanding barcode scanner after reading this brief introduction!