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Professional Barcode Scanner Manufacturer

  • source:shangchen
  • Date:07/06/2020

With the development of science and technology, equipping with good barcode scanner is necessary for all industries. When it comes to barcode scanners,most people cares about whether the price is affordable, whether the scanning is fast and accurate, and what is the difference between a one-dimensional scanner and a two-dimensional scanner...


Don’t worry, professional barcode scanner manufacturer will tell how to choose a barcode scanner.

1. The category of product barcode: 1D barcode can choose 1D scanner or 2D scanner; 2D barcode can only choose 2D scanner.

2. Reading precision: high precision of reading, the price is proportional to it; low precision of reading, low price

3. Recognition speed: Recognition speed is fast, the price is proportional to it; Recognition speed is slow, the price is low.

4. Whether can read electronic screen: If you need to meet the screen scan payment, you can use a 1D CCD red light scanner or a 2D scanner.

5. Use environment: For harsh and complex environment, you can use industrial grade barcode scanner; for commercial environment, assembly line, or daily environment, you can use ordinary barcode scanner.


As a professional barcode scanner manuafacturer, Shangchen has developed a number of barcode system solutions, using IoT equipment such as 1D laser, 1D red light, multi-line laser, 2D image, etc. The products cover all kinds of wired/wireless scanners, scanning platforms, payment boxes, smart handheld terminals, widely used in electronics, clothing, chemical, pharmaceutical, retail, postal, logistics, financial, medical and many other fields.