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We provide customers with various kinds of quality scanners including handheld barcode scanner and wireless laser barcode scanner with high-quality services.


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    Smart Express Cabinet Application Case

    Smart Express Cabinet Application Case

    Buit-in 2D code scanning module

    Once courier store package, recipient will receive 2D code information via phone

    Sweep mobile phone 2D code, Eepress cabinet opens automatically

    Pick up parcel

    Turnstile Application Case

    Turnstile Application Case

    Alipay online ticket purchase, automatically generate 2D code

    Gate access

    Scan the QR code ticket in the mobile phone, built-in 2D scanning module in channel gate

    The verification is successful and the gate turns on automatically

    Billing Scanner Application

    Billing Scanner Application

    In order to improve the efficiency of invoice entry and reduce the error of invoice entry, the billing information can be automatically entered into the ticketing software by scanning the 2D code of the invoice header in the Alipay APP. The user can only input the information once in Alipay for repeated use. In the specific operation, the user can enter the information required for billing in the "add header" page on the mobile terminal (In Alipay search "invoice manager", in WeChat search the "invoice app"), including the name, taxpayer identification number, registered address and telephone , account opening bank and account number, etc., click Save to generate the 2D code automatically.

    How to use the billing scanner by barcode scanner vendors? Users only need to install a small plug-in in computer, connect the billing scanner with the computer via USB, the mouse cursor will be in the first line of information to be entered, scan 2D code on the mobile phone, you can complete the invoice! The entire operation process is quick and easy!

    Automatically generate billing 2D code, keep billing information on the phone both in Alipay or WeChat are OK.

    Install billing software, connect scanner from barcode machine supplier with the billing software.

    Scanning billing code, successful billing and print invoice.

    Nowadays, barcode scanning technology has been widely used in many fields and industries, more and more barcode scanner vendors appear all round the world. Recently, the most popular is the QR code scanning technology on WeChat, which can identify information quickly and accurately. Now many fast-food restaurants, such as KFC and McDonald's, have pioneered the use of QR code scanning e-coupons instead of previous e-coupons. Because many of the previous electronic coupons have time limits, but the number and location are not limited, resulting in the spread of electronic coupons. The current QR code scanning coupons are no longer limited by time and region, provide convenience for more consumers, but also carry out large-scale promotions to businesses themselves. It can be seen that the prospect of QR barcode scanner will be unlimited, because this is fully in line with the pace of modern society. As one of the QR code scanner suppliers in China, Shangchen Electronics Co., Ltd has so much to share with you, let's start with how to maintain your QR code scanner.

    First of all, we must remember to lock the QR barcode scanner. Because QR barcode scanners use fine optical technology with optical lenses in them, its structure is fragile. In order to make it not easy to damage the optical components, QR barcode scanners generally have the function of locking and unlocking. Before moving them, we must lock the optical components. And be particularly careful that the next time you use it, remember to unlock it first. Otherwise, it is most likely that the QR barcode scanner will break down due to negligence.

    Secondly, don't plug in the QR barcode scanner with power. When installing a QR barcode scanner, especially one with an EPP port, the computer must be turned off when connecting to prevent the motherboard from burning down.

    Thirdly, don't use high resolution. When using QR barcode scanner, many users set the resolution of scanner very high, hoping to improve the recognition rate. But in fact, form the prospective of the experienced QR code scanner suppliers, when scanning general manuscripts, we can choose the resolution of 300DPI or so, and too high resolution may reduce the recognition rate. This is because excessive-resolution will scan the details of the printed text more carefully, and it is easier to identify the defects of the printed text, resulting in a decline in the recognition rate.

    Fourthly, as all the barcode scanner vendors will advise you, do not switch the QR barcode scanner frequently. Some scanner requirements are high, and before each time you use it, ensure that the scanner turns on the power supply before the computer is turned on, so that the direct consequence of the frequent switching of the QR barcode scanner is to start the computer frequently, and frequent switching is very bad for the scanner itself.

    Last but not least, don't let the scanner work in a vibrating environment. If the QR barcode scanner is not placed smoothly, the scanner needs to consume additional power to find the ideal scanning entry point in the process of working, even by that it is still difficult to achieve the ideal vertical resolution of the scanner.